Giving Back

I believe that giving back is something we all need to do. It comes with being part of a community. I currently support a number of organisations:

Friends of Valkenberg Trust

The Friends of Valkenberg Trust is an NPO working in conjunction with hospital staff at Valkenberg Psychiatric Hospital to promote the recovery of people with serious mental illnesses.  This is vital work, as it means people can get back to their lives, their families, their jobs and their communities.

Visit their website:

Organ Donor Foundation

After being personally affected by the miracle of organ donation, I made the commitment to raise awareness around this lifesaving cause. So many lives are lost in SA due to the shortage of willing donors. By becoming an organ donor you can save up to 7 lives.

Register as a donor today:

Spread It Around

Giving back doesn't have to be complicated. Spread It Around aims to connect people who have extra to give with the people who need it in their community. From books, magazines and clothing, to toys, food and computers, all donations are welcome.

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