Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 George Michael Songs

George Michael died just a month ago.

I am a huge George Michael fan. I grew up with his music. He had a great voice, was a strong lyricist and had mastered the art of reinventing his sound. My mother gave me my first tape when I was around three years old, so naturally I was very sad to hear about his death.

The great thing about good musicians is that their music lives on and I have been playing his music on repeat for the last few weeks. In celebration of his catalogue, I have put together a list of 5 of my favourite George Michael songs:

  • Patience - I love the entire album, but the title track is one of my favourites. It's very simple. His strengths as a vocalist and lyricist are evident on this track.

  • Fastlove - I love this one for the nostalgia. As children, my siblings and I were fascinated by the music video. At the time we thought it was so edgy. Check it out here.

  • Amazing - This was the first song I ever performed at karaoke. It is so much more than a love song. I relate to the themes, and it's arrangement is pretty cool too.

  • Easier Affair - It's a continuation of some of the themes in Amazing, but shows the progression ofhis personal journey. It was released at a time when I was feeling the same. Yes, it's a little cheesy, but one of my favourites.

  • Faith - It's so upbeat, fun, positive... Who doesn't love this one?

There are so many other songs I could have added to the list. What are your favourite George Michael tracks?