Monday, November 24, 2014


I am generally over Festive season gifting. I gave it up about two years ago, and I must say it has been bliss ever since. I could no longer understand why we engage in so much stress and expense to give each other gifts, just because the Hallmark company deemed it appropriate. I used to spend hours in malls and thousands of rands to sort everyone out.

The festive season is about family, friends and quality downtime for me. I realised that the materialistic part of Christmas is so unnecessary. I've managed to get my family on board (for the most part), and no longer have to deal with piles of unwanted socks, soap-on-a-ropes etc.

This year, I think my emotions and compulsion to spend money on things I like will get the better of me though. My friend Leila has opened an amazing pop-up store in Cape Town called Fabricate. It is an absolute treasure trove of goodness, and when I attended the store's launch last week I had to keep my hands behind my back to avoid an uncontrolled splurge.

The store is packed with products that were designed and produced, for the most part, locally. From calendars, chairs and other functional and decorative items, to lamps, leather iPad covers, organic teas, caps, bags and jewellery - every corner is home to something amazing.

I've decided that I have to go back, and I think I'll be treating a few people to gifts this year, because some of the things in store are that amazing. AND it's all local. If you are buying gifts this year please try to support local businesses and small businesses inyour are.

Fabricate is in the Gardens Shopping Centre in Cape Town. They are also on Facebook and online at If you're in the area, go on and treat yourself... and let me know what you bought.