Wednesday, June 18, 2014


For some reason most people don't believe me when I say that I love local (South African) music. I love listening to it, I love buying it - and I love seeing it live. In fact about 50% of the music I consume is local, and with no less than 9 of the 11 official languages featuring on my playlist - it has really expanded my vocab.

When it comes to amazing local musicians who treat it like a business, it doesn't get better than Carol Thorns. I met the musician/entrepreneur/PR superstar when I first started working in the media industry. She is the exceptionally talented, striking, SAMA-nominated electric cellist, who is famous for her spectacular solo bubble act and being a member of the fusion band CODA. She has always been incredible to me, and is one of those people who inspires me just by being who she is. We have collaborated a number of times. She has a great work ethic, has found a way to live her dream and make a living, and is generally one of the loveliest people around town.

In addition to being part of CODA, she is also the force behind the band - and has made them one of the most popular acts in the country. They regularly tour around the world and perform at numerous public, private and corporate events. Unlike many popular acts on the corporate circuit, CODA actually make great music. It's a mix of classical, afro-jazz, electro-pop, dance...

When an invite to the launch of their third album Disclosure a popped into my inbox a few weeks ago I knew I would be there. I am so glad I was. It was super to see the band's latest line up in action, lead singer Zami Mdingi is brilliant on stage. Though she has worked with them for a couple of years, this is her first album with the group. Judy Brown (sax), Galina Juritz (violin) and DJ LuvChild did their thing on this album, and the result really is electrifying. Throw in the copious amount of wine I consumed, and it was a great evening.

Photo courtesy of Gregory Franz

I love the tracks Go Insane, Luvuyo, Just To Hear Your Voice (ft. DJ Cleo) and Fat Boy.

Support local music - Disclosure is available at all good music stores and on iTunes. Check out their website to listen to their music, find out where they are playing and book them for your next event:

Here is their latest music video: