Monday, May 19, 2014

Love & Prozac

I am generally a huge fan of one-man/one-woman shows. I think it takes an incredible amount of skill to stand on a stage, and carry the weight of an entire story on your shoulders, without any supporting actors by your side.

The Baxter Theatre’s Golden Arrow Studio often stages them and (barring one or two) they are always great – so when I was invited to the opening of Love & Prozac I just checked my diary and said ‘yes’.

Walking in with absolutely no expectations was the best thing I could have done, because I was blown away by my own laughter. And I generally don't laugh out loud - even though I say I do in texts.

The show is hilarious. It stars Sonia Esgueria, who takes on 13 characters as she explores the downside and numerous disasters that come with dating in your 30s. It was directed by John Trengove (who has won an Emmy) and is like Sex & The City on steroids, with a heavy South African twist.

Sonia is beyond too-funny-for-words, playing all kinds of stereotypical characters, from sleazy bikers, to Sea Point housewives and a needy Portuguese mother. You'll recognize all of them, and laugh throughout the whole show.

Love & Prozac is sharp, witty, quick and you have to see it. It's running at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town until 31 May. Visit for more.