Friday, January 25, 2013

Body Art on eTV

A while ago television personality Monde Kapa called me up to tell me he was producing a documentary called Body Art, and asked me if I would like to script it. I met with the Monde Kapa Productions team and instantly loved the concept.

The documentary explores tattooing, the various sub-cultures that surround it and the very different reasons why people get them. From cultural significance and self-expression, to rebellion and even oppression - the documentary covers some significant ground as far as the art of tattooing in South Africa is concerned.

We chat to many tattoo lovers, including heavily tattooed martial arts expert Quentin Chong, and accompany my absolute favourite controversial entertainer, journalist, television and radio personality Kuli Roberts as she gets inked for the very first time.

Check out the documentary this Sunday, 27 January on eTV at 18:30 - and if you like, you can tweet about it... (@BodyArtZA) #BodyArtZA