Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Dr Mol Show

Tomorrow sees the public d├ębut of something I've been working on that is kind-of new. I have received a number of questions, so I thought I would drop you a message and clarify what's happening.

Hello Doctor on SABC3 is no more! From Friday, 6 April we are becoming The Dr Mol Show. Staying with a health focus, The Dr Mol Show is Hello Doctor 2.0 - giving you a more talk-show focused spin. Needless to say, Dr Michael Mol will anchoring the show, giving you the latest health and wellness tips, so that you can continue to live your best life.

We are expanding on our healthy lifestyle focus with more studio content, and the addition of a live studio audience. We are also moving time slots - coming to you a little earlier on Friday at 3.45pm on SABC3. We will repeat the show on Sundays at 4pm on SABC3 - in the previous Hello Doctor timeslot.

With these latest additions, the show has more energy, more entertainment and the same important health information .

Tune in to the all-new Dr Mol Show, every Friday at 3.45pm on SABC3. If you miss it catch the repeat on Sundays at 4pm.