Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The South African Story Companion Book

Last year I worked on the television documentary series - The South African Story with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It saw him travel around the country - visiting each province, tracing South Africa's history and looking at some of the country's key tourist attractions. It has since been broadcast locally on SABC3 and in countries around the world.

The show was created by acclaimed journalists Roger Friedman and Benny Gool, who own the largest archive of Desmond Tutu footage and photographs in the world. They travelled around the country with the television crew, snapping photos of the journey - documenting The Arch at some of the country's most beautiful and significant landmarks. They have recently compiled their beautiful images, with the story we told in the series, to produce a beautiful companion book - 'The South African Story with Archbishop Desmond Tutu'.

It really is a beautiful hardcover book - and I am very proud to have it in my collection, and to have contributed to its existence in a tiny way. It is published by Penguin Books and currently in-store at all reputable book stores and online retailers. If you love South Africa, its history or The Archbishop your should probably add this title to your collection.