Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Travelling with The Arch

Last year I got the opportunity to work on a travel documentary series - unlike anything we have seen on television before.

The show is called The South African Story, and is hosted by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Over 10 episodes we see him travel around South Africa, tracing the history of our country- and visiting the tourist highlights in each province. In hindsight, when I think of it - who could possibly tell South Africa's story better than one of its greatest living legends - who has played a part in shaping its history himself?

Quite honestly, it is one of the most gruelling professional projects I have worked on, but the visual results have been worth the 5 months we spent on it. The series had a relatively huge budget, and has had a really talented production team and crew. The results of this appear on screen. It was a great experience for me.

The show will be broadcast weekly on SABC3. Catch the first episode on Tuesday, 1 February at 8pm.