Wednesday, November 12, 2014

African Folktales Onstage!

I am privileged to know Robin Malan. I first met him when I contributed to his book 'Yes I Am', and we have been in touch ever since. I don't think I know anyone who loves literature, particularly local literature, more than him. Anyone who went to school in South Africa over the last few decades has probably encountered his work. He is the man behind various initiatives like English Alive, and has made an enormous contribution to English and drama education.

He now runs a small-scale publishing company called Junkets (they publish some great non-fiction, novels, plays etc.), and he has launched a great project that needs our help. He has put together 2 volumes of African Folktales Onstage! plays for preteens - and has launched a campaign to get this book produced and distributed to under-resourced schools for free.

I like this initiative because I love literature, and I know how it can make an impact and help shape young people. The 24 plays included celebrate South African heritage through folktales, and were written by various contributors including Janice Honeyman, Andre Lemmer and M. Cassiem Darcy.

To help realise this project, Junkets needs funding. Please visit their African Folktales Onstage! Facebook Page for more information, and then head over to their Thundafund Campaign Page to make a donation. There are some great rewards available to donors. The campaign closes this Friday.

With your help we can ensure that these folktales and theatre education in schools live on.

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