Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Gratitude Challenge

There are always loads of challenges and fads floating around social media, and I normally don't take part. I recently participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (and got accused by some of wasting water - but it was for a good cause), which has made me slightly sceptical of these passing movements.

When my friend Rene nominated me to do the 5 days of gratitude challenge, I leapt at the opportunity. I have been encouraged to keep a daily gratitude journal for years, and have never had the discipline to do it. The premise is simple. Each day you log onto Facebook and post 3 things you are grateful for, for 5 consecutive days. It was tough to choose just 3, it was enlightening and it put me in a really great mood. Taking stock reminded me how blessed I am.

I thought I would share what I posted:

Day 1
I am grateful:
- to have stable work, even though it's the last thing I want to do on Monday mornings.
- that I have health conditions that are easily treatable & manageable.
- for a smile that gets me out of doing laundry, and other undesirable tasks.

Day 2
I am grateful for:
- the great view from my apartment. (pictured above)
- random kindness from strangers. (just yesterday PJ Powers told me I was beautiful)
- a childhood featuring Mrs Doubtfire, Aladdin & Jack. (RIP Robin Williams)

Day 3
I am grateful for:
- family (between the Kalulas & Torlines I have so much grounding & support).
- the chance to keep learning - from experience and experts.
- the fact that I have more REAL friendships than anyone deserves.

Day 4
I am grateful for:
- education - it has made all things possible for me.
- my father's organ donor family - almost 2 years and still ticking. Can never say thank you enough.
- my independence - it's "worth more than gold."

Day 5
I am grateful for:
- my plus one.
- my career - I have just scratched the surface and already lived so many dreams.
- abundance - I may not always have everything I want, but I always have more than enough of what I need.

So I didn't do it entirely correctly - you are supposed to nominate 3 people each day to take part in the challenge. I didn't want to burden anyone. So to make good on that - I challenge you to do it, using the hashtag #5DaysOfGratitude - be sure to let me know how it goes.

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